recycling clothes research

it's easy to recycle them

natural recorces

What do all of these materials have in common?silk is made by harvesting the cocoon of a silk worm,then softening the silk and taking all the little threads together. Cotton gets picked from the cotton plant then sent to a factory where they put it through rollers which take out seeds and debris.The Flax plant is used to make linen.It's pulled from the ground flattened then is combed through to get the seeds out.Shave off the coat of a sheep, then put it in a shape that will be easiest to turn into wool.They are all natural resources.That means they can be found in earths natural environment.

man made resources

What do all these materials have in common?Nylon is the first man made Fiber and is made from coal and potrolium by-products.It is also produced the same materials as rayon. Rayon is made by making cellulose go through a machine called a spinneret.The machine is like a showerhead and makes the liquid cellulose turn into a solid filament.Polyester is stronger than Nylon and Rayon, and it is made by forcing chemicals together through a spinneret.Chemicals used for polyester come from alochols.

Recycling clothes

The average american throws away around 65 pounds of clothing each year and with other textiles that get thrown away like sheets or bedding the total gets to be about 14.3 million tons of textile wast each year.That's almost 6% of minicipal wast. Some of the textiles are recovered most of it stays in the land fill and causes a various problems.


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