Pearl S. Buck Elementary

January 29, 2016

What DID you do with all that snow?

A special 'thank you' to our Pearl Buck families for sharing snow photos from this past weekend! If you picture is sideways - we tried to correct it by saving the photo in 'portrait'. However, the newsletter software automatically inserted the photo based upon its orientation in the original file. No matter how much we saved, renamed, and edited, it continued to happen. So....if you know the secret....feel free to share!


Kindergarten students in Mrs. Deitrick's class read Snow Happy by Patricia Hubbell and The Biggest, Best Snowman by Margery Cuyler. Afterward, they "played" in the snow while demonstrating and discussing math concepts with size and shape. Ask us, "Who had the tallest snowman?!"

Fishing for Fitness

Students in Mrs. Wright's Physical Education class were learning about food groups as part of their Physical Fitness unit. In the photos below, students went fishing in a pool to find different types of food. Once they 'hooked' something on the magnet, each team worked to correctly place the food into its corresponding food group. A poster showing the food groups was available for reference. The goal was to hook a healthy meal!

Mrs. Raab's Class made a book!

After learning about different animals, writing a report, and drawing a picture, Mrs. Raab had all of her student's work published! A terrific memory for all!

Oh, winter is SNOW much fun!!!

The students in Mrs. Junod’s class have been enjoying all that winter has to offer. After reading about how snow forms, writing snow stories, and learning about igloos, they had an in-school Snow Day of their own. The team building began inside by first trying to build igloos out of marshmallows. Then the very excited students went outside in the snow to learn how to play Circle Snow Tag, how to work together to build a snowman, and how to make snow angels. What a SNOWtastic day!

PTO Place

  • February 11 - NOVA (Network of Victim Assistance) will present an information session "Growing Up Mobile" about keeping your child safe in the world of social media. The presentation will begin in our library at 7:00. This is a presentation for parents and guardians. Content and discussion may not be appropriate for children.

  • The Pearl Buck PTO is hosting its first Parent vs. Child challenge at the Newtown Athletic Club on Friday, February 19 from 7-9 pm. Check your email for recently sent information about this event. A link for a sign up genius will be sent out on Monday, February 1st. Any questions please contact Renee Evans at

Did you know....?

    • Bingo has been around since the 1500s, when it started as an Italian game that is still being played today. Through the years the game has evolved from being called 'beano' to its more popular name today.

    • The name 'beano' came from the fact that the game was previously done by covering the numbers with beans, since no multi-colored daubers were around in the 1930s.

    • Studies have shown that bingo is actually good for our brains! One study concluded that people who played bingo fared much better at certain mental activities than those who did not play the game.

    • Most bingo players are also cat lovers.

    • Why all of the bingo trivia? Tonight is Pearl Buck's Pizza Bingo!

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