History of a Reader

By: Sarai Draves

Early Memories

I started to read at a very young age. Mostly I read the Berenstain Bear books. I also liked reading a couple of books by Mercier Mayer. My favorites were "I was so Mad" and "i just Forgot".

Second grade

Second grade stunk. I didn't like my teacher. She read the most boring books. I hated when she read them to us. She had us read outside of class. I liked that because I got to choose my own books.

Third grade

In third grade, I liked funny books. Books that can just make you feel good. I especially liked the Junnie B. Jones books.My teacher told us that there are a lot of different kinds of books to read, like fantasy. I didn't really like fantasy back then, but it's my favorite now.

fourth grade

In fourth grade, we had to do book clubs. It sounded fun - it wasn't. Our group had to read Maniac Magee. It is the most boring book EVER. The worst part about it was every week each one of our book club memebers had a job. These jobs were writing a summary about the chapter or drawing a picture of what we saw in our minds. I'm not the best at drawing. We had to share it out to our group. Most of the time I didn't read half the pages so my summaries were pretty bad

sixth grade

Sixth grade was pretty bad too. We had two book clubs. I don't mind the reading, but my teacher told us that about every 5 to 10 minutes we were supposed to write something down in this thing called a double entry journal. I didn't want to stop reading and then have to write about it. So what I did was read my chapter and then do the double entry journal. Sometimes I didn't even do that.

seventh grade

So far no book clubs or bad books. It seems like this year i will have a lot of fun reading and looking at different books. :)