The Dolphin Whistle

December 9th, 2015 - Issue 17

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Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

I would like to once again congratulate all the parents who attended the PIQE Level 1 and Level 2 (Parent Institute for Quality Education) parent training sessions this fall. The graduation night was a special event with guest speakers Mayor John McAllister and Aimee Lopez, Director of the Heart2Heart program. The nominated parent speakers spoke very powerfully to their classmates about the skills and values learned during this course. The parent speakers were: William Buitron, Nancy Farias, and Roberto Cesni Peres. The Special congratulations go to the parents who attended the required classes to graduate.

Best regards,
Theresa Lambert
Principal Mariano Castro Elementary

Vacation Intersession

During the break we will be offering 6 days of intersession for students in grades two, three, and four. These six days will focus on a few specific skills that are very important to success in that grade level. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity for additional instruction for your child, please complete the form attached to this newsletter and return it to the teacher or to the office. The intersession will run from December 21-23 and December 28-30, from 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. and snack will be provided at recess time.

Band / Strings Class - 5th Grade Parents Welcome!

Dear Castro 5th Grade Parents,

You are invited to observe your student’s Band / Strings class to see what they have learned so far this year! The Open Class will be held on Wednesday, December 16, from 1:00-2:00pm. Please come at the beginning of class and stay for the full duration.

Class Location
Clarinet /
Saxophone Rm #42
Flute Rm #42
Brass Rm #25
Strings Rm #41

Please check in to the office upon arrival.

We look forward to sharing our music with you and hope to see you there.


Leah Lader

Music4Schools Program Manager

Nutrition Classes Start January 13th!

Join us for the SCC Nutrition Classes for Parents!

1/13: Wednesday from 6:15-7:15
2/24: Wednesday from 6:15-7:15
3/16: Wednesday from 6:15-7:15
4/20: Wednesday from 6:15-7:15
5/18: Wednesday from 6:15-7:15

Parents will go to the MUR and students will go to the Staff Lounge. We hope you'll join us!

PTA News

Students, don't forget - Read and get a free ticket to six flags!

Students can use the winter break to win a ticket to Six Flags!

Teachers have handed out the forms to students. If your student reads for six hours and you initial the form, they can hand it back and get a free ticket to Six Flags!

Keep the learning going this winter break!

District News

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Are Vacations / Travel Excused Absences?

Unfortunately, family vacations or travel is not excused – even when you inform your teacher or the office. This may come as a surprise for parents. We appreciate you letting us know so that you will not receive a call from the auto-dialer asking you to verify the absence. For more information, see

Bond Oversight Committee

The Mountain View Whisman School District is seeking qualified persons to serve on a committee of community leaders, as the independent Bond Oversight Committee for the District's Measure G Bond Program. Applications are due by 2:00pm on Friday, January 8, 2016. Applications can be mailed to: Mountain View Whisman School District, Attn: Dr. Robert Clark, Associate Superintendent/Chief Business Officer, 750-A San Pierre Way, Mountain View, CA 94043 or faxed to 650-9645-8907.

A complete copy of the application is available online at

Currently, the District is seeking two (2) members to fill the current BOC vacancies and is only accepting applications for those interested parties to fill the Business Representative or the Taxpayer Organization Member positions.

If you have any questions, please call Dr. Robert Clark, Associate Superintendent/Chief Business Officer at 650-526-3500.

Calendar of Upcoming Events

12/9 - Wednesday: Kinder Info Night at Mariano Castro, 6-8, MUR
12/10 - Thursday: MVWSD Board Meeting, 7-9PM, District Office
12/16 - Wednesday: Observation of 5th grade music class, 1-2PM, 5th grade classrooms

12/17 - Thursday: Personal Success Assembly, 11:45-12:15PM, MUR

12/17 - Thursday: Castro Movie Night, 5:30-7:30PM, MUR

12/18 - Pajama Day!

12/21-1/5 - December break - No School!

1/6 - Wednesday: Classes begin

1/11 - Monday: DELAC Meeting, 5:30PM-8:30PM, District Office

1/12 - Tuesday: DELAC Meeting, 5:30-7:30, District Office

1/13 - Wednesday: Nutrition classes begin, 6:15-7:15PM, MUR (parents) and Staff Lounge (students)

1/19 - Tuesday: District Advisory Council Meeting, 6PM-7:30PM, District Office

1/20 - Wednesday: 1st Grade Field Trip to Deer Hollow Farm, 8:50AM-1:35PM

Flyers for This Week