Joseph Stalin

By: Matt McCollister

About Stalin.

Joseph Stalin was born on December 18, 1878. Stalin decided to become the leader of Russia because of his past possibly. His family was a poor family, His father was also an alcoholic and beat him. He was expelled from school in 1899. He was also reading Vladimir Lenin’s book about Marxism and supported Karl Marx beliefs.


Stalin ran Soviet Union during WWII and also helped them not lose all their land during it. Stalin also made the Soviet union Industrialized during his leadership. Stalin was also nominated for a nobel peace prize in 1945, after everything he done and his past.

How is the world different?

When stalin lead the soviet union it changed the thought of a leader and standards for leaders back then. During WWII Stalin also changed the way things were, fighting changed for them and everyone because of their tactics and the guns they used during it, it became more advanced. He also made people think of socialism and convert them to it during his leadership, he opened people's eyes about how different values were.

What to understand?

Stalin was not terrible, he did what was best for his nation and tried to help them win the war and not lose their land. He made his nation safer too with sending people who did crimes to work for the nation and make it better. He cared about his people and their safety too.

Joseph Stalin

Tuesday, Dec. 18th 187 at 12am to Thursday, March 5th 1953 at 2am

Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Moscow

If I can ask Stalin a question?

Would you change anything if possible.