Week 4

MLA | Responding to Texts

Goals for this Week

This week we will begin to work on some skills that will help us for the majority of the essays in this class, along with the rest of your academic career. In Academic Writing we will need to respond to other texts and synthesize them into our writing.

What is the author's purpose? What are they really saying? How does it connect to what you are trying to say?

Our lessons this week will deal with MLA formatting and responding to texts in the form of content as well as quotations. In addition, we have a short grammar lesson/practice on fused sentences.

Your graded homework will be an example of how you've used the lessons to enhance the way you respond to texts, like the essay provided.

Assignments for the Week


  • MLA Introduction
  • Responding to Writing
  • Quotation Sandwich
  • Fragments and Fused Sentences

  • Reading and Responding to Barbara Ehrenreich's "Nickel and Dimed"
  • MLA Introduction Quiz (ungraded practice)
  • Fragments and Fused Sentences (ungraded practice)

Essay #2

Thank you all for actively participating in the peer review and submitting your first essay on time. Since we have a total of six essays to cover in this class, we already have to move on to the next one.

I've provided the assignment sheet for Essay # 2: Responding to Texts. The folder is also available now in the Essay Projects Folder. I would like you to review the assignment sheet and begin working on your essay. Review the deadlines so you have your materials prepared for peer review and final submission. Do not work ahead and submit your essay prior to the peer review session.

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