Aerospace Engineers


Salary and Education

Salary per year -103,720

Education - Bachelors degree

Job out look - 17% (slower than avarge)

Details about aerospace engineering

Aerospace engineering are the primary branch of engineering with research , design, development, construction, testing, science and technology of air craft and space craft.

What aerospace engineers do

What do they do?

Aerospace engineers create and design air and space craft. 70% of the engineers spend there time in a lab or at a computer desk doing research and designing the air crafts. They also study space and the things they use for there designs and projects. They also develop new technologies for use in aviation and defense system and space exploration. They also specialize in areas such as structural design also in guidance, and navigation and control, aerodynamic and thermodynamic .

Aerospace engineering

The reason I picked this career is because I think it's awesome to design and create air and space craft . And you get to do thing no one in the world gets to do it is just a good job.