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Wow great work! Thanks alot for your time, you have developed an excellent add-on! - David S.

thank you very very much. i highly appreciate you, your the best. Best Regards, Mumtaz

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cPanel DNS Manager

Dropbox Backup for WHMCS

WHMCS Ticket Timer

WHMCS Ticket Filter

WHMCS Order Assistant

  • BusyRack cPanel DNS Manager for WHMCS is an addon module which allows customers who have only domain names without a hosting package to manage DNS zones of their domain names. It is integrated directly into WHMCS template under Domains Management area. Once client enters DNS Manager for a domain name, the module will automatically connect to a cPanel server and create a zone file. Client will be able to add/edit/delete DNS records via DNS Manager interface.


    • Automatically create Zone file for new domain name
    • Default IP for new zone file configurable
    • Add/Update/Delete DNS Zone records and sync up with cPanel
    • cPanel DNS Zone file standard
    • Multi-language support
    • One-click-button to configure Google Apps
    • Configurable by domain extensions
    • WHMCS V5 Compatibility

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