Parent and Family News

May 14th, 2023

May 14th Remembrance

All staff and students are encouraged to wear black shirts on Monday; uniform pants should still be worn.

9:00 - am Moment of silence followed by reading the names of those killed during the Tops Shooting. Finally, a student will sing Lift Me u\Up.

We also worked with ECCRP on conducting circles with our students.

Dates to Remember

May 17th - Fourth Grade Field Trip, Farmers Truck 9:00-10:00

May 19th & May 20th - WCCS Present Frozen Junior, 7:00 pm

May 24th - Farmers Truck 9:00-10:00

May 25th - First Grade Field Trip

May 26-May 29 Memorial Day break, no school

June 3rd - Track Meet Tapestry

June 10th - Track Meet Tapestry, University District Parade - WCCS Marching, Fathers Day Event

Summer Planning

Remember, now is the time to plan for your students for Summer 2023.

Say Yes Programs

Summer Camps - various we have listed in the office

UB Summer Science Programs

Summer School"

Buffalo Public Schools will host programs if your student needs the academic support of a more structured educational program this summer. If your child needs to participate, we will register them for the K-6 Program at Highgate Heights and 7-8 credit recovery classes.

Please reach out if you are interested.

Farm to Table Farmers Market

Wednesday, May 17th, 9-10am

24 Westminster Avenue

Buffalo, NY

Please stop by to get some fresh fruits and vegetables. As long as we have people coming, they will be there every Wednesday.

M & T Volunteers

We are lucky to have such a supportive partner. M & T volunteers are frequent visitors to our school. They come to support our community and make it a better place for our students.