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Have you ever wanted to travel through space? Have you ever wanted to float around? Have you ever wanted to ride a super fast comet or asteroid? Well now you can with Star Travel, the most interesting and safe trip of your life!

Star Trip is opening for business!

Monday, Aug. 5th 2013 at 7am

Star Trip Travel Agency

Hello all space fanatics!

We will be opening Star Trips Space Travellers on the 5th of August, 2013! We will be launching our first rocket to the Kuiper Belt for fun rides on asteroids! But to secure your seat to be one of the first 20 to go to outer space you must enter our raffle at $20 per ticket!

Kuiper Belt Comet Race!

Put your hand up if you want to ride a comet in outer space and race your friends!

Well I know I would! Take a trip to our Comet raceway! If you can become our fastest racer you will win a $100 Star trip Voucher! This trip is only $150 per person for an amazing day in space!

Saturn Skaters!

Saturn's rings are waiting for you! Have a great time roller skating on Saturn's rings! Of course you won't make it the whole way... but the person who goes the longest distance will win a $100 voucher for our Star Trip Gift Shop!

Floating fun on the moon!

We have set up an amazing dome on the moon! You can just float around with zero gravity to keep you up in the air! This is an AMAZING experience! For a limited time only $70!!

Rocket trip to see a close up view of the sun!

To see the sun up close is a great privilege! Well you can see the sun up close in our specially designed heat-proof rocket! You have to stay inside, but it is still a great experience! We have special glasses so you can look directly at the sun!