2013 - 2014

Mrs. Pipes' Fourth Grade


We are finishing our non-fiction study. Students have learned to read and comprehend non-fiction text this week by using text structure. By using text structure, such as time order, students can organize the text and figure out the author's purpose of non-fiction text. Students have also learned in this unit how to use text features to help us understand non-fiction text. Please encourage your child to read as much non-fiction as possible.


This week we begin our study of fractions. We will start with a quick review and move quickly into learning equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions. Students are learning that they can make and find equivalent fractions by multiplying or dividing.


Students are finishing up their informational essays. They are publishing them using google docs.


Students have been having Science with Mrs. Wilkins and this week will be the last week. They have been studying food and nutrition. A test is scheduled for Thursday. A study guide will go home on Monday.

Wish list for classroom

We are in need of baby wipes and glue sticks!!!!!!!!!! We would love you forever if you could donate any of these items.