Patrick Demarchelier

Anna Marie Jagodzinska

Background History

Patrick Demarchelier has a different style of fashion photography. He preferred an extravagant model, but a simple background, which is how this photo is set up. He has more of a vintage feel to photographs, and that comes across this photo. However, they are not completely old fashioned, they are also modern and contemporary. He believed the saying of Leonardo Da Vinci "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". His favorite style was in black and white, just like this photo. He also preferred models to have a dramatic pose and look about them.

My Opinion

I like this portrait very much. I believe that it is unique in the way you cannot see her eyes. The shadow prevents you from seeing them clearly. Also, her pose in the picture is also very unique. I am not sure if the photograph captures Anna Marie's personality. In the picture she appears cold, but it could be the expression she chose to use, or it could describe her perfectly. I wouldn't change anything in this photograph.