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Exciting News!

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Katie and I are excited to announce a new member of our family will be arriving in the Spring.

National Geographic (Nat Geo) Quizzes

Like many classes throughout the district, we will be taking online Nat Geo quizzes throughout the year. These assessments test students on a number of reading comprehension and vocabulary skills learned throughout the week. If you would like to see a copy of this test after they've taken it, ask your student to log on to their account and access taken assessments. Reach for Reading Link


A few students took on the challenge of reading, summarizing, and sharing their favorite books using an app downloaded on our classroom tablet. Click below for great book recommendations:
We still have some critters who could use a home. Please contact me if you'd like to adopt these low-maintenance creatures.
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I know that during this time of the month we're swinging into high gear with various charities and fundraisers. I am going to throw out (and not push very hard) men's health awareness. Many of the men in our building are growing out their facial hair to raise awareness for men's health.

If a student gives spare change (or their parent donates to the page below) I'll give them the opportunity to submit a mustache design. On the last day of November I'll shave my beard into that mustache. Happy Movember!

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Let Me Know!

Please feel free to send me dates, times, and location for your child's athletic, musical, and other extracurricular events. If I am free on that weekend I'll do my best to cheer them on!


If you would like to volunteer at all in my classroom, please click on the link below. I would love to have the help!