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Desktop pc

The desktop PCs is recommend for regular visits, it's meant to be on a desk/ table because of its size and power requirements, as opposed to a laptop which has a rechargeable battery and is potable. The long tower next to the screen is the main power sorce and memory.


The laptop is recommend for businesses because it's potable and rechargeable battery. This is more up to date and has a tablet sort. It is programmed to read instructions like moving data and adding numbers.


The tablet is small, portable and easy to use. You may some tablets like the Apple iPad or windows. Instead of having a keypad connected to the screen it has a interactive keyboard that comes up on the screen. Also it is a bigger version of the mobile.


The phone is a device that lets you call and text. It has the same qualities as the tablet but is smaller. It can be used to download apps. You might know some phones like Apple iPhone or the Samsung.
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