Weekly Update

Woodland Elementary

This Week at WES

Monday, November 16

Standards-Based Power Vocabulary 3:00 Media Center

Tuesday, November 17

AG- AP Mtg.


Ms. Cook's Baby Shower

1st Grade Curriculum Night 5:00

Atlanta Festival Ballet

Wednesday, November 18

Focus Team Meetings 3:00

Thursday, November 19

New Students: SLO Deadline to enter data in IC and Point

SIEP Reading

Friday, November 20

Upcoming Events

  • TKES Student Surveys will begin this week. More information forthcoming from Ms. Solomon.
  • December 1- Mid-Year SLO window opens (all students assessed)
  • December 2: Personalized Learning SRC Presentation

Family News

  • Ms. Kendrick's father is in the hospital. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

  • Kim Howard and Donna Tapp are having giant yard sales this weekend. Be sure to stop by!


  • Hats Off to 5th grade for developing two process goals focused on improving instructional practices and insuring learning of students at high levels!

  • THank you to everyone for all of your hard work for PLP conferences.

  • Thank you to Ms. Kendrick and Dr. Williams for your efforts for Kindness Week!

  • Thank you to everyone for meeting the roster verification deadline for TKES.

  • Thanks to Miss Tolley for presenting on standards-based power vocabulary last week.

  • Thank you to our awesome cafeteria team for the great Thanksgiving luncheon last week.

  • Thank you to Ms. Owen for facilitating Buck Institute PBL training!

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Welcome to the Den

Congrats to all the teachers who completed the Buck Institute's PBL 101 training!

The Design Team will be presenting for the final time December 2 to request funding for the redesign of WES!!

Digital Content to Toy with:

  • Tenmarks.com

  • Frontrowed.com

  • Scootpad.com

  • Moby Max (has recently added early reading content- (perfect for pre-k, kindergarten, tiered learners)

  • Epic (the app is phenomenal...)

  • Explorebooks.com

If you know of any others, please share!