Community Service

What is community service? And why does it matter?

What is community service?

A group inquiry project in which students are led to develop personalized knowledge about civic issues in their community through discipline based inquiry skills and decision making process. Community service has to provide an experience that creates a personal learning environment. Basically, this all means that a group of students learn and develop knowledge about the issues in their community through a structured and personal service learning experience. Community service in schools is intended to meet the actual needs of the community, be scheduled responsibly between the school and the community and be rooted in the curriculum of each student. Community service is also supposed to provide service learning.

What is service learning? What is considered service learning?

Service learning is learning gained from community service or work done in the community. Service learning includes new skills learned in service work, reflection based thinking, enhance existing knowledge, a sense of care and responsibility for the community, and create a charity perspective in students instead of a personal gain perspective.