Savvy by Ingrid Law

Summarized by Nouria Koury


The book starts off on the day before Mibs (Mississippi) 13 birthday. They find out that her dad was in a car accident and is in a coma. Her mother leaves with their brother Rocket to go meet their father in the hospital. The pastor wife finds out that it is her birthday and she throws her a birthday party. The same day as the party the pastor receives an order of bibles not just any bibles pink ones. The kids overheard them talking about going to where the bibles came from so Mibs, Fish, Samson, bobbi, and will junior hide on the bus so they can go to the hospital.


Mibs (Mississippi)- One of the main characters. She is turning 13 and will receive her savvy on her birthday. Her savvy is she can read ink on peoples body. Bobbi had a washable tattoo and she could hear her thoughts.

Rocket- He is 17 and the oldest of the family. His savvy is electricity. All the girls like him.

Fish- The kid right before mississippi. He created a hurricane so they had to move. His savvy is creating storms. he broke the windows out of the bus.

Samson- he likes to hide in quiet places. Gets locked in a cabunite. he has no savvy yet.

Gypsy- she is 3 years old. the youngest child.

Momma- The mother of Mibs, Fish, Rocket, Samson, and Gypsy. Her savvy is to be perfect. She goes to meet poppa at the hospital.

Poppa- He is in a coma for most of the book. He has a tattoo on his arm.

Grandpa Bomba- Momma father. His savvy is to move mountains.

Will Junior- He likes Mibs. He is 14 and his father is Bill

Bobbi (Roberta) - 16 years old. likes rocket and had a washable tattoo on her back.

Lill- The lady they picked up on the side of the road. rides with them the whole way and takes care of them.

Lester- The driver of the pink bus. he likes lill. Drives them to meet their parent.

Miss Rosemary- Bobbis and Bill's mother. Will Junior's grandmother. Wife of the pastor at the church.

Bill- Will junior's father. Comes when their found and tells them to continue on to go see their father.


The main conflict in the book is Mibs, Fish, Samson, Bobbi, and Will junior hide away on a pink bus. They don't tell anyone what they are doing. Fish has yet to master his savvy and Mibs drew a sun on will's hand. Them Fish shattered the windows in the bus. Mibs knows that Lester has 2 tattoos because he can hear what they are saying and they really talk bad about him.

The Plot:

  1. Its Mibs 13 birthday.
  2. Her father is in a coma because he got into a car accident.
  3. The pastor received pink bibles and told the man who delivered then that he wasn't keeping them.
  4. Mibs, Fish, Samson, Bobbi, and will hide away on the man's bus who delivered the bibles.
  5. The man's name is Lester and he found them in the back of the bus.
  6. Will gave Mibs a birthday present of 2 ink pins.
  7. Mibs drew a sun on the palm of wills hand then started screaming.
  8. Fish and will got in a fight because will wouldn't wash his hand.
  9. Fish broke the windows out of the bus.
  10. Their was a lady on the side of the road so Lester stopped and picked her up.
  11. The lady's name is Lill. she was on her way to work when her car broke down.
  12. They bring Lill to work but her boss fires her and throws her money on the ground.
  13. They are on the way to meet Mibs mother and father at the hospital.
  14. They stop at a house so Lester can pay the lady for the bibles but she doesn't accept the money. Everyone needed to go to the bathroom so they asked her is they could use the bathroom and she allowed them to.
  15. she found out who they were and she called the cops and locked Samson under her bar. good thing he had a pin because he started drawing thing on his arms so Mibs could hear him.

Quote from the book:

When my brother Fish turned 13 we moves to the deepest part inland because of the hurricane and of cores the fact he caused it. (page 1, Law)

Ingrid Law

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