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Mrs. Hedgecorth and Mrs. Rasmussen 9/16/2016

Upcoming Events

Next week: Spring MAP test scores will be sent home with students

Sept. 19 - 23: Homecoming Week

September 19: Club Choice Fundraiser Ends

September 23: Homecoming - Early Dismissal @ 1:00 pm

September 26: No School - Teacher Meetings

October 6: PTO Meeting @ UES 6:30 pm

October 7: Movie Night 3:30 - 5:00

October 14: End of 1st Quarter, Early Dismissal @ 1:00 pm

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We wrapped up our first unit in math this week over place value. Students took their pretest today over the next unit, which is whole number multiplication. In this unit we will learn about factors, prime & composite numbers, and how to multiply multi-digit numbers. This unit has a lot of new information for students to learn. IT WILL BE VERY IMPORTANT FOR STUDENTS TO KNOW THEIR MULTIPLICATION FACTS. I highly encourage students to play multiplication games to help with their facts.


We began a new unit in Science this week. We are learning about animal adaptations and instincts. Next week we will focus on plant adaptations. This unit is very technology driven, as students will use my Google Classroom page daily to access slides, videos, and assignments. ALL STUDENTS NEED TO HAVE THEIR OWN EARBUDS OR HEADPHONES FOR SCHOOL.

Reader's Workshop

This week, students worked on a fiction story called "Mighty Jackie", and defined unknown words given the strategies used in class. Students also used nonfiction articles to look for clues that helped give the meaning of unknown words. Independently, students are reading goals and working towards those during independent reading time. Ask your child if they have met their page goal for the week yet!

Writer's Workshop

This week in Writer's Workshop, students wrapped up developing realistic characters in their stories. They were introduced to a story arc, and learned that all stories follow a certain structural pattern. Students worked on an assignment with a partner to complete a story arc about a picture book in class. In writing we will plan a develop a story based on the story arc structure.

Word Work

In Word Work (grammar), students are working to identify root words, prefixes, and affixes. Once students identify these elements, they are more easily able to define the words based upon the word parts.

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