Analyzing Viola

Part 1

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Viola's Identity

Viola believes that she is confused by her own personal identity. Viola thinks her brother Sebastian died in a shipwreck so she takes his identity while she tries to find her own. "Please-and I'll pay you plenty for this-help me conceal my identity, and find me the right disguise so I can look the way I want" (I.ii.46-48). Viola goes to Orsino's and becomes one of his servants. She does a good job pretending to be a man but she starts to get worried when she causes Olivia to fall in love with her. Viola finally reveals her true identity in Act 5 when Sebastian himself comes to Orsino's.

Viola's Gender

As Viola keeps pretending to be a man, she gets so deep into it that she is somewhat trapped. Throughout the story, Viola starts to fall in love with Orsino but can't express her love out loud considering the fact that Orsino thinks she's Cesario, a man.

"What kind of woman is't?

Of your complexion.

She is not worth thee, then. What years, i' faith?

About your years, my lord" (II.iv. 25-28).

Viola is hinting to Orsino that she is in love with him. She is saying the person she is in love with has the exact same qualities as Orsino. At this point she wishes that Orsino knew her true self and gender, so she could possibly be with him.


In Twelfth Night, Viola causes Olivia to fall in love with her. Viola tries to show Olivia she is not interested, but Olivia does not get the hint.

"Cesario, I swear by the spring roses, by virginity, honor, truth, and everything, I swear I love you" (III.i.139-141). Olivia admits her love for Cesario and lets her know that she is in a deep love for her. Viola doesn't understand what she did to make Olivia fall in love with her but she does not feel the same way considering the fact she is really a woman.


Viola and I share a difference in the fact that I am not confused about my identity unlike Viola who has to hide hers due to confusion. We also differ because I would never dress up to try and be with someone. Viola also believed she lost her brother in a shipwreck when me and my brother are scared of the ocean so that wouldn't happen to us. Viola also always has to watch what she says so she doesn't expose her true identity when I'll never have to worry about that. Lastly, Viola is not a very shy person. She is more open and isn't afraid to speak when I'm more of a shy person that keeps to myself.

We are similar because we both have brothers. We also both like somebody very much. I also relate to Viola because we both have someone that likes us but we do not feel the same way about them at all. We both try to let that person down softly but they can not take the hint. Finally, Viola and I relate because we both truly care about our brother alot and love them alot.

Part II


Viola pretends to be her brother Sebastian so that she can get on the boys soccer team at her brothers new school and beat her ex boyfriends team. When Viola starts off pretending to be her brother, she stutters a lot and she will sometimes say the things she would say if she was herself, a girl (She's the Man). But more throughout the movie, she gets more comfortable and does a better job at pretending to be her brother until the first soccer game. At the game, she gets tired of hiding her identity and tells everyone her true self. You can tell that she becomes more confident and comfortable as she gets further along in the movie.


When Viola first starts off pretending to be Sebastian, she has no idea how to act like a boy and doesn't have the slightest idea on what to say. She tries to fit in but all the guys think she's weird. Viola sets up a plan to get a bunch of girls to act like they're hitting on her, so that she will now be considered cool to all the guys. Viola is obviously forced to act like she's interested in woman and into guy stuff. Although she has to act a different way, she benefits herself by convincing Duke Orsino to ask herself, Viola, out instead of Olivia. However, she can't force it too much or else Duke would become suspicious.


In the movie, She's the Man, Olivia falls in love with Sebastian. But Olivia does not have the slightest clue that Sebastian is actually Viola in disguise. In class, Olivia questions Sebastian asking him why she isn't his type. She also tries to make Sebastian jealous by pretending to like Duke Orsino (She's the Man). Olivia really wants to be with Sebastian throughout the whole movie. Even when Viola tells her true identity and the real Sebastian comes out, Olivia wants to be with him.


Viola and I are similar because we both like someone and try to do whatever it takes for them to gain more interest in us. We also both don't fit in with the guys very much when we try to hang out with them. Viola and I have also both played soccer.

We are different because Viola is obsessed with soccer. I have played soccer in the past, but I am not as interested in it as she is. Viola also takes it to another level when she pretends to be her brother just to beat her own schools soccer team.