Singing in the Rain: Remade

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Zayne "The Prodigy" McGee

Brian "Rich Homie" Brian Harris

"Matt Mohr"

Donald Glover as Don Lockwood

Known as Childish Gambino



The Lazarus Effect

Relevance: He is an actor with experience on T.V. shows and a good rapper

Triple Threat Score

Dancing: 7

Singing: 9

Acting: 7

Childish Gambino - Freak and Geeks (Radio Edit)

Anna Kendrick as Kathy Seldon

Pitch Perfect

Into the Woods



Relevance: She is an incredible actress as well as singer and has had starring or co-starring roles in many movies and musicals

Triple Threat Score

Dancing: 7

Singing: 9

Acting: 8

Pitch Perfect - Beca's Audition

Andy Samberg as Cosmo Brown


Hot Rod

The Lonely Island

Relevance: He is a good singer with a great comedic background and has been in many movies. He was also an SNL actor

Triple Threat Score

Dancing: 6

Singing: 8

Acting: 9

I'm On A Boat (ft. T-Pain) - Clean