Project Information

February 9th

To Do...Or Not To Do...

Dear Families,

One of our little fellas decided today that he wanted everyone in class "to do a project." I tried to talk with him privately and told him that heeeeee could do a project, but that I was not going to "assign" anything. (I told him I assigned ENOUGH and that I thought all the families would agree). This did not slow him down one bit. He "talked it up" in class throughout the day and got many of the students excited about this "project."

By the end of the day, several children were asking if I would give them a project. (Sorry about that)...

Sooooooooooooooo...this is how things ended:

In an attempt not to squish the excitement of those interested, I told them that since each reading group focuses on "setting," that if they WOULD LIKE TO make a "shoebox project" and make the inside into any setting (ocean, jungle, etc), they could, BUT THEY DID NOT HAVE TO.

This is NOT a grade... It is not even an ASSIGNMENT.

Totally up to YOU...the families.

Please pray for me...