The Daughter of the Sun

The witch of Aeaea

Circe was know for attracting sailors to her island and then transforming them into animals. She used herbs and potions to achieve these things.

Odysseus and Circe

Circe had captured and fed Odysseus' crew food that turned them into swine. After tell Circe to turn them back, Odysseus and his crew stayed with her for about one year. Odysseus went on to have three children together in which one of them would accidentally kill Odysseus.

Aeaea Island

The island that Circe lived on was called Aeaea. Some say that she chose this island because it was close to her father's island but there is no definite reason why she chose it.

Circe's Children

Circe had a total of three children with Odysseus. They were Telegonus, Agrius, and Latinus. Telegonus went on to accidentally kill Odysseus and the other two were never mentioned in the Odyssey again.

Circe's brothers and sisters

Circe had two brothers and one sister. Her brothers were Aeetes, the keeper of the golden fleece, and Perses. Her sister was Pasiphae, the mother of the minotaur. All of her sibling moved on to do some great things.