For sale- North Korea

Asking Price: $12.99 and a Katie Perry Album

This Country is available for purchase now!!

This breathtakingly rustic country is quite the fixer upper, marked at a real steal!! Getting tired of big cities and "modern life"? Tour the countryside, enjoy hours of solitude or find a local village and enjoy a native special; mud'n rat soup or rice and tree bark stew!! Concerned about finances? Well this is the country for you! With a population in the millions, already accustomed to slave labor you'll find a ready and "willing" workforce, no matter the task, mining, farming, logging and no pesky UN peacekeepers to get in the way!! This quaint little country is sure to provide you the tyrannical opportunity you've always been dreaming of!
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Get it today for just $12.99 and a Katie Perry Album!!!!!

This Country is guaranteed to completely bend to your every will!!