Limor Fried

Female Engineer

Career and Education

Limor went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She got her bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and a masters degree in engineering. She founded adafruit industries in 2005 when she was still in college. Adafruit designs, builds, and sells their own tools and electronics.

Changing the World of Engineering for the Better

She was the first female to be featured on the cover of Wired magazine, she was the only female finalist out of 15 for the entrepreneur of the year award. She advances technology because she makes the products at adafruit durable, and compatible to almost any age group. Limor made her own company when she was only in college and is still making new products today.

Inspirational Quotes and Ideas

“The maker community has from the start celebrated woman leaders, the open source hardware summits to littleBits are all led by women. It's one of the best examples of women in tech leading and doing amazing things.”

“I've found that the more we help people by teaching them and showing them how to be creative on their own the more they rewarded us by being great customers and also being part of our fun community.”

Limor believes in making the best online place for learning electronics while still making the best designed products for all ages.

Lifestyle and History in the Making

Limor's company, adafruit, is in New York City. She is currently married to Phillip Torrone. Limor has set an image of being an inspirational intelligent engineer who also happens to be one of the first major roles in female engineering and entrepreneurship. She believes that engineering and technology are important and can be advanced greatly by a man or women.

Advancements and Awards

Limor was awarded the entrepreneur of the year in 2012, she won the pioneer award by the electronic frontier foundation. She was awarded Most influential women in technology, and first female engineer to be featured on the cover of WIRED. Limor also founded adafruit industries, open Kinect project,and was part of social defense mechanisms project.

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