\(._.\) TO THE WINDOW...TO THE WALL (/._.)/

By Rahi, Katie, & Jen

Isidro Andres Lopez Perez

Bruno Mars - It Will Rain by Isidro Andres Lopez Perez

Wet Monsoons

  • June to September
  • Winds from Southeast
  • Winds absorb moisture from the Arabian Sea
  • Causes rain shadow effect on east side of Western Ghats
  • Little rain in the northwest as result of the Arabian Penisula

Dry Monsoons

  • September to March
  • Winds from the Northeast
  • Dry winds are caused by the rainshadow effect of the Himalayas
  • Winds pick up moisture from the Bay of Bengal


This is the weather in some areas:


September is typically the wettest month in Thailand. Cooler places in the north typically receive less rainfall than southern areas.


The Indonesian archipelago is wide, but you can always find a dry area to settle during the monsoon season. June to September are the driest, coolest months to visit, but between November and April, expect rain!


Although farther east than much of Southeast Asia, the Philippines can still experience the southwest monsoon. Expect heavy rains in the Philippines from June to September.


Here, weather remains fairly consistent during the year. It may rain at any time to cool down the burning afternoon average of 86 degrees Fahrenheit!