The Philosophy of Daoism

by: Juliana F, Adam L, Thomas R, and Shannon T.

The Details!

Daoism is also called Taoism.

Daoism got its name from Dao, meaning “the way”.

Laizi was a famous Daoist teacher. He taught that people shouldn’t worry about wealth or being the top leader, but being one with nature.

Daoists believe that people should avoid interfering with nature or with each other. Some Daoist rituals are praying to different Daoist gods and goddesses.Chanting and reciting prayers and texts were very important. The rituals often involve confession and involving purification of the body through bathing and fasting, the purification of heart through confession and transgression or moral impurity, and a communal feast celebrating the re-established harmony between human community and the spirit world.

It was started in the 6th century BCE. It was founded by Lao Tze, the supreme master.

Tao Te Ching is a Taoism holy book.

One belief is that they did not want the government in their lives.

The believe that they need to protect nature and not mess with or destroy it. They think they need to resemble water and let things flow how they are.

The ruler was someone who was wise and really respected the religion. They think his job would be so easy that they wouldn’t even know he was ruling.

They believe that everything is opposite yet in harmony.

Instead of being social with people Daoists are social with all natural things.

Nature got so involved with their religion that they started worshiping it.

Daoism festivals took place for two to seven days to do rituals that included: purification, invocation of the gods, prayers, offerings, hymns, dances, etc.