Battle of Okinawa

Three-Point plan is a go.

Okinawa means victory, or defeat.

One of the three battles we need to win for our ensured victory of the war(Three-Point Plan)(Also the last one). We are going to Okinawa so that we can destroy what is left of Japan's merchant fleet and launch bombing raids on the industrial heartland of Japan. More than 65,000 Japanese troops are estimated to be at Okinawa when we arrive, the most important area to take is the southern sector for best control of the battle. The battle will be starting in April of 1945.

Battle of Okinawa

Sunday, April 1st 1945 at 6pm

Ryukyu Islands, Japan

Mostly Southern area.

Battle of Okinawa Schedule

The American forces arrived in April of 1945 with General Bruce Fraser. Americas tactics were aggressive till they were able to take the southern sector of the island( which was the best defensive point on the island at the time) and waited for reinforcements after. Japans tactics were different from defense at the waters edge to a defense in depth, the reasoning behind it was so they could gain more time, they had also ordered there navy and army to launch mass air attacks on a one-way attack(suicide). America was able to take the the southern sector, regroup and take the island. This battle is supposedly the bloodiest battle of the war.

General Bruce Fraser

Bruce Fraser was a Senior Royal Navy officer, he served in World War 1, took part in the internment of the German high seas fleet at the end of WW1, he also served in World War 2 initially as Third sea lord and Controller of the Navy. He led the naval attack in the battle of Okinawa along with the waters edge ground units to secure delivery of men.

Long lasting view of the Battle of Okinawa.

After the take over Okinawa, the three-point plan would've been able to succeed in its intent of island hopping till we were able to overwhelm the Japanese, until Truman launched 2 nukes, the first to Hiroshima, and the second to Nagasaki. With both nukes launched a civilian casualty estimated over 100,000 the Japanese surrendered to the U.S therefore ending WW2 and starting the Cold War.