Mini Rex

By : Justin Moore


Mini rex are one of the most popular rabbit breeds, and it’s not hard to see why. These small, compact rabbits have thick fur coats that come in a rainbow of rich colors. The best feature of these little rabbits is their super-soft rex fur, which is composed almost entirely of plushy undercoat.


The gene that causes the rex fur type was first discovered in France around 1900. Soon rex rabbits were being bred all over the world. In 1929 the ARBA recognized the rex breed, which is about 9 pounds. Soon people were breeding for smaller rabbits with the wonderful rex fur. European breeders used Netherland dwarfs to create a dwarf rex. In 1984 dwarf rex were brought to the United States. A breeder by the name of Monna Berryhill acquired a pair of these dwarf rex and began working on developing the mini rex we have today. Mini rex were officially recognized by the ARBA in 1988, and have rapidly become one of the most popular rabbits.

General Care

Mini rex should not be brushed too much, as this damages the texture of their coat. You can give them a quick grooming by going over their body with slightly damp hands or soft cloth. This will remove static and any loose hairs in their fur. When mini rex are molting they will need more grooming to help remove the shedding fur. Gently use a slicker brush to pick up the old, dead fur.Mini rex have curly whiskers around their mouth and nose, and on their cheeks and eyebrows. These should be checked regularly to make sure the whiskers are not growing into the rabbit’s eyes or nose. Trim any that are getting too long.Mini rex often have less fur on their feet than breeds with normal fur. It is okay if your rabbit gets callused feet, but make sure the paws do not get sores on them. Many mini rex breeders give their rabbits plastic resting mats made for rabbit cages. The rabbits can sit on these if they want to, and it helps prevent the feet from developing sores.

Gestation and Litter size

The gestation period is 30-34 days

The Litter size is from 3-13 Kits

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