The Shack

By William Paul Young


The main characters in the book the shack were Mackenzie Allen Phillips. He has 5 kids. He takes all his family on a camping trip in Oregon for a little vacation, but a tragedy happens. while his kids are on a canoe it flips over and Mack was able to save his son that was trapped in the net of the canoe. While Mack was saving his son, his daughter Missy was left alone all alone on the campsite. When Mack returns from rescuing his son he finds out Missy is gone. He quickly rushes to the phone calling the police. Soon after he finds out that his daughter was abducted and taken to a shack near the campsite. Her clothes were found with blood everywhere on them but her body was still missing.


This book takes place in Joseph, Oregon where it is excellent campsites are located. The shack where he experiences and builds his relationship with God is deep in the woods of Oregon not to far from the campsite he was at.

Literary Elements

Various literary elements were being used throughout the book. Conflict, mood, characterization and more. Examples of when conflict was shown was when Mack lost his daughter, he had all police search for his daughter but nobody could find her body. He was in a shock, confused on what to do or how to react. It shows his mood. Imagery was used because they specificly describe the way her body and clothes were. They gave a visual idea.


Mack finally gave in. His worries and stress are over because of the spiritual experiences he had with God in the shack. He knows his daughter is in a safe place. He built a stronger relationship with God and understands why things happen. The shack is where his life changed dramatically. He feels like he has a purpose again.