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Digital Tools Available through ISS Contract

Maria Collins, Digital Implementation Coach

I am the new Digital Implementation Coach here at ESC Region 11. My role is to support you in learning about and using the tools provided to you through the Instructional Solutions and Support contract that your district has with us. Feel free to contact me with questions and for support. I can't wait to hear from you!

Request PD

Districts who have the Instructional Solutions and Support contract with Region 11 have access to these digital tools. Request professional development here.

VoiceThread allows the user (educator or student) to upload, share, and discuss documents, presentations, images and audio files and videos. Then others can comment using one of five commenting tools.

Discovery Education

Unlock the power of discovery with standards-aligned, digital curriculum resources and easy-to-use technology.


TexQuest provides digital resources for educators, students and students immediate families in Texas K-12 schools and open-enrollment charters.


Connect2Texas is a network of Texas based educational content providers, including museums, zoos, historical and scientific organizations, etc.


Connect2Texas providers utilize interactive videoconferencing to deliver live educational programs and professional development to students and educators across the country. Bring scientists, experts, and authors directly to your students without leaving the classroom. See Upcoming Events.

Canvas is a learning management system available to all ESC Region 11 districts who have the ISS contract. It is also the LMS that we use here at ESC Region 11 to deliver online learning and blended learning opportunities.