T or C District News for November

From the Desk of Superintendent, Dr. Channell Segura

Focus on the Things of Which We Do Have Control and Give Thanks to One Another

Hello, Tiger Team!

"Don't wait until the fourth Thursday in November to sit with family and friends to give thanks. Make every day a day of Thanksgiving." --Charmaine J. Forde.

November is upon us in a blink of an eye. We all have experienced this school year differently in its own unique presence. There are some things that are out of our control, but there are many things that are within our control. I say let's focus on our actions and efforts to control how our students, staff, and families receive care, support, interaction, and encouragement. The best intervention is a highly qualified and caring teacher. The best social emotional learning approach is...a highly qualified and caring teacher. We can't control the words and actions of others; however, we can control how we respond and how we present ourselves to the world.

This month, especially, I ask that we carve out time to thank one another, to thank our students, to thank our families, and to thank our community members who work together to make our community the special place it is. I ask that we not take things or people for granted, as we are all needed to continue to develop our community of care. I ask that you reflect each day on those individuals and and things for which you are grateful. As we inch closer to the holiday season, be aware of how others are effected by the change of season and weather in different ways. Some of us have experienced great loss and heightened emotional frustration. Whether it is the tremendous loss of loved ones, the feeling of isolation and loneliness, the pain of sickness, or extreme fear and anxiety of the unknown, let us be there for each other, every day.

I have engaged with some students who are so grateful that we are doing so many things to make this school year feel "normal." School will never be the same, so I say let's reinvent how we approach teaching and learning and let go of the constraints that prevented our students from reaching their maximum ability. Let us do what is best for our kids...whatever that may be.

I thank you for not giving up, I thank you for having a positive attitude throughout the frustration, and I thank you for every second you spend crafting your skills to engage your students. Virtual teaching and learning is not easy, but you all continue to wow me with your commitment to excellence.

Take good care,


"Spooktacular" Book Readings with Superintendent, Dr. Channell Segura

10 Timid Ghosts Book Reading with Superintendent Segura
The Little Old Lady Video

TCMSD Student Meal Pick Times and Locations:

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Truth or Consequences New Mobile App

Rave Panic Button Emergency System Implementation

In an effort to continue to enhance our District Safety and Security protocols and resources, we are piloting the Rave Panic Button Emergency System. Truth or Consequences Municipal Schools will be the first in the state of NM to implement this program through an NMPED grant. It is a tool that will allow us to respond immediately in case of an emergency. When an emergency happens, time is of the essence, and Rave Panic Button is a tool that will minimize response time from school personnel and first responders. We will be sending out a Microsoft Form so every staff member can add their first name, last name, position, email address, and cell phone number. Watch the video to learn more.

Congratulations to our Tiger Staff Members of the Month!

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Team Innoventure Strikes Again! The Demogorgons and The Four Originators Were Chosen by an NMSU Panel as Top Contestants! Thank you to Ms. Belle Garcia for Her Guidance and Leadership!

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Halloween Fun at TCES and SEC!

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T or C Schools' "Spooktacular Events" Contest Participants and Winners! (There were 75 entries and so much creativity! All participants will receive a goody bag for their efforts! We are proud of all of them!)

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Best Talent (By: Carson Bean at TCES)

Carson is a talented hoverboard rider. Unlike anyone we have seen for his age!

Best High School Scary Story (By: Angelica Webb at HSHS)

"Humans Can Lick Too"

Rose was alone at home one night, for the first time in years. Her parents trusted her enough not to throw a party or do anything she wasn’t supposed to do. She had her dog to keep her company and make sure she was safe. She decided to listen to the news about a serial killer on the loose. The serial killer is known for breaking into houses and killing innocent teenagers. She finally goes to sleep after locking all the doors and windows but for one, which happens to be broken and unable to close.
At 2 am she is awakened by a dripping sound that sounds as if it is close. Frightened, she tries to go back to sleep and puts her hand down the bed for a reassuring lick from her dog. As the dripping sound continues, she finally goes to check on the taps in the kitchen, bathroom and everywhere else but finds nothing.
She returns to her bedroom and puts the hand down again for the dog to lick. However, the dripping sound continues, and the girl is too frightened to fall asleep. But as her hand gets licked from under the bed, she slowly falls asleep.
In the morning, when she wakes up, she goes to open the closet, and she finds her dog killed and hanging upside down. The dripping sound was from the dog’s blood. On the closet doors, she sees a message – “Humans can lick, too”.

Best Elementary School Scary Story (By: Devry Trujillo at AES)

"The Haunted Woods"

It was an eerie, snowy Halloween night. We were driving home when our car broke down. We broke down in the middle of the woods and were surrounded by nothing but trees. We got out of the car to stretch our legs. All I could see were a bunch of trees everywhere. The leaves on the trees were covered with white snow and they seemed to glow in the dark. My dad popped open the hood of the car to see if he could fix it. He said we were going to have to spend the night in the car. I was scared but I did not say anything. We told scary stories in the car for a little while. I started getting sleepy and I closed my eyes.

Suddenly, we heard scratching on the roof of the car. My dad said it was just a tree branch, scraping with the wind. Suddenly we heard a loud noise. I opened my eyes and screamed. Standing in front of our car was a devil, a witch, and a skeleton. The devil was the ugliest thing I have ever seen. He had horns on the top of his head. He had a human body but instead of feet he had hooves like a horse. He turned and looked right at me and I screamed. His eyes were glowing red. The witch was floating in the air on a broom. She had a black pointy hat and the sharpest fingernails I have ever seen. She had a big nose and green warts all over her face. She smiled at me and I could see all her teeth were rotten. The skeleton looked just like a skeleton except that he had pieces of rotten skin. He was missing one of his hands. Suddenly I realized that the missing hand was crawling on the hood of our car.

My brother was covering his eyes, but I could not look away. I pinched myself to see if I was asleep, but I was wide awake. They devil and the skeleton started dancing. The witch was circling around them on her broom. My dad was trying to start the car and my mom was in shock. They were dancing closer and closer to the car. I was keeping my eyes on the skeleton hand that had moved and was trying to open my dad’s door. I started crying and then I heard the best sound in the world. I heard the car start up and my dad slammed on the gas. The car jerked forward, and we peeled out of there. I heard a loud crunch and realized that my dad had run over the hand. I looked back and I could see the devil, the witch, and the skeleton behind us. They gave me an evil smile as we sped off into the dark night. We did not slow down until we had gotten out of the woods. I was so glad when we got home.

I did not sleep for a week after that and I still have nightmares to this very day. I always try to warn my friends not to go into the creepy woods on Halloween night. You never know what you might see!

Most Committed "Fall Fun Spooktacular Movie Watcher" (Megan Jensen at TCMS)

Megan watched all the movies for the T or C Fall Fun Spooktacular Movie Nights!


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Remember to Maintain Safe Practices to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

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Happy Birthday to Our Tiger Staff for the Month of November!

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November Birthdays:

  • Leslie Anderson 11/1
  • Sherry Copeland 11/1
  • Christopher Soiles 11/3
  • Jeanette Sullivan 11/6
  • Brandi Tisdale 11/11
  • Gail Melpolder 11/14
  • Denise Rintelen 11/15
  • Whitley Muncy 11/15
  • Amanda Baquera 11/17
  • Shenandoah Montoya 11/18
  • Monica Montoya 11/19
  • Perry Holdman 11/20
  • Robert Placencio 11/22
  • Deborah Pannella 11/23
  • David White 11/24
  • Kevin Ahlquist 11/24
  • Skylar Green 11/28
  • Angela Sanders 11/30

Important Dates and Deadlines (Tentative...May Change):

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  • November:
    • 2nd (Teacher PDPs Uploaded to Frontline DUE)
    • 3rd (NMDASH School Core Teams 60-Day Reflections/Progress Checks DUE)
    • 9th (School Board Meeting at 5:30)
    • 13th (Quarter Two Student Progress Reports to be Printed and Sent Home)
    • 19th (New Teacher Mentorship Meeting)
    • 23rd-27th (Thanksgiving Break)
  • December:
    • 1st (80th Day Average Daily Membership State Reporting)
    • 4th (District Safe Schools Plan DUE)
    • 11th (Elevate NM Teacher Walkthrough Observation #2 DUE)
    • 14th (School Board Meeting at 5:30)
    • 17th (New Teacher Mentorship Meeting)
    • 18th (End of Quarter Two)(Report Cards Sent Home)
    • 21st-31st (Winter Break)
  • January:
    • 1st (Winter Break)
    • 4th-5th (Staff In-Service)
    • 10th (NMDASH School Core Teams 90-Day Reflections/Progress Checks DUE)
    • 10th (NMDASH School Core Teams Mid-Year Review and Reflections DUE)
    • 10th (NMDASH School Core Teams Second 90-Day Plan DUE)
    • 15th (LEA Reviews and Approves 90-Day Plans in NMDASH)
    • 18th (Martin Luther King Jr. Day/No School)
  • February:
    • 5th (Quarter Three Student Progress Reports to be Printed and Sent Home)
    • 5th (Early Childhood Observation Tool MOY Rubric Ratings DUE)
    • 10th (120th Day Average Daily Membership State Reporting)
    • 12th (AVID Site Data Submission for HSHS DUE)
    • 13th (NMDASH School Core Teams 30-Day Reflections/Progress Checks DUE)
    • 15th (President’s Day/No School)
    • 26th (Elevate NM Teacher Observation Domain #1 DUE)
  • March:
    • 5th (End of Quarter 3)
    • 9th (PTCs 3:30-7:00)
    • 10th (PTCs 8:00-11:30)(No School for Students)
    • 12th (Mail Report Cards Home for Those Who Did Not Attend PTCs)
    • 12th (Elevate NM Teacher Observation Domains #2 and #3 DUE)
    • 13th (NMDASH School Core Teams 60-Day Reflections/Progress Checks DUE)
    • 22nd-26th (Spring Break)
  • April:
    • 2nd (Good Friday/No School)
    • 16th (Quarter Four Student Progress Reports to be Printed and Sent Home)
    • 30th (Elevate NM Teacher Observation Domain #4 DUE)
    • 30th (Elevate NM Teacher EOY PDP Reflection DUE)
    • 30th (Principal HOUSSE Form C DUE to Superintendent)
    • TBD (HSHS Prom)
  • May:
    • TBD (Final Exam Week)
    • 7th (Elevate NM Teacher Walkthrough Observation #3 DUE)
    • 13th (Elevate NM Teacher EOY Summary DUE)
    • 13th (Principal HOUSSE Form D DUE to Superintendent)
    • 15th (NMDASH School Core Teams 90-Day Reflections/Progress Checks DUE)
    • 15th (NMDASH School Core Teams End-of-Year Review and Reflections DUE)
    • 21st (AVID Coaching and Certification Instrument for HSHS DUE)
    • 21st (Graduation)
    • 31st (Memorial Day/No School)
  • June:
    • 1st (Early Childhood Observation Tool EOY Rubric Ratings DUE)
    • 1st (End of Quarter 4/Noon Release for All Students)(Report Cards Sent Home)

Truth or Consequences Municipal School District

The mission of the Truth or Consequences Municipal Schools, the heart of our community, is to inspire and nurture students to dream and develop the ability to pursue their dreams with courage and integrity through educational excellence reflective of academic achievement, cultural values, historical perspective, and future opportunities fostered by a dedicated and committed staff.