Special Education Weekly Update

December 9, 2015

Autism Team Begins!

The new Strongsville City Schools District Autism Team begins work at the Educational Service Center through the State Support Team Region 3. This is a process-planning framework for designing comprehensive supports for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This framework includes assessment, intervention design, implementation and progress monitoring. Each session will have a focus topic and state and regional updates. Time for teams to learn from each other will also be incorporated into each meeting. We will begin to create an action plan based on the needs of the Strongsville City Schools. We are excited for our first meeting tomorrow and then we meet again next week December 16th as well as March 3rd. We look forward to sharing our progress in the near future.

Google Speech to Text

Did you know that Google has now integrated a voice to text feature into Google Docs? No longer is there a need to find an add-on application for students. As you know, writing can be a source of frustration for students with a disability especially at times when there is a need to simply express knowledge. This can be a great option you may want to consider for some of your students. Click here for short video on how to use this feature.

Ohio’s Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

The Alternative Assessment is quickly approaching with a state testing window of February 22 - April 15, 2016. This participation criteria for this assessment is as follows:

  • The student has a significant cognitive disability.

  • The student is learning content linked to (derived from) Ohio’s Learning Standards i.e. the Ohio’s Learning Standards–Extended.

  • The student requires extensive, direct, and individualized instruction and substantial supports to achieve measurable gains in the grade- and age-appropriate curriculum.

Be on the lookout for information from this department in preparation for these assessments.

About Us

The Special Education Department in the Strongsville City Schools is a proactive group of highly qualified and driven educators that are dedicated to serve students with disabilities with passion and hard work. We provide professional development and innovative training to all levels of staff to ensure outstanding service to our students. We have high expectations at every level and work continuously to improve our instructional practices, leadership, and collaborative partnerships with parents and families.

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