Stargirl rylee gorter

Be yourself


Archie-He collects bones and is a mentor for students. Leo- He is the boyfriend of Stargirl. Stargirl- She is the new student and she does not know how to act around others because she was home schooled before.

Kids Pick

My favorite part was when Stargirl kissed Leo in her driveway.

Figurative Language


  This is a story about a girl named Stargirl Caraway. She changes her name whenever she wants. She has no friends and acts so strange because she does not know how to act in public. Before she moved to Mica she was home schooled. Soon she has all she needs. A boyfriend (Leo) and a best friend (Dory Dilson). Then Leo and Stargirl break up. Everbody else ignores her. At the Ocotillo Ball her arch enemy (Hillari Kimble) slaps her. Then Stargirl leaves and never returns. Never.

Stong verbs

"They kept glancing around as they did their warm-ups." (pg.24) "But Kevin was screaming on the phone." (pg.22) "She roamed from goal post to goal post." (pg.22) "Instead, she dashed for the ball." (pg.23) "It sparkled in the fountain." (pg.41)


Spinelli-pg. 125, 8, 13, 14 ,22, 41, 23, 24.