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Kevin Y.

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I chose this quote because...

I chose this quote because reading helps you learn stuff. For example, let's say you are finding information for your science project. You go into internet and finds out that some of the facts are not true. And some of them are not that specific. But for books, they are very accurate and contains lot of useful facts. That is one of my reasons why I like reading.

About Me as a Reader


  • read books wherever I want (even in the car).
  • do not judge book with cover.
  • like serise books.
  • read books with snacks.
  • like fantasy and mystery books.
  • sometimes share summery of the book to my family.
  • can read books they are either Korean or Einglish.
  • like to read books on the bed (even though it makes my eyes tired).
  • have read all of the books in my house.
  • I hate to read historical books.

This song is...

The music by Pharrell Williams. I really like this song because the sounds explains how I feel about reading books (and kind of addicting, too). Now I will play the song.

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

Why I like this song...

Again, I like this song because the song is about happiness (and the title of the song is "Happy"), and that is how I feel when I read books. Almost every books are fun to read. I think that is why I really like this music.

What am I reading right now and the past...

I am reading the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows just because I like long books and with no pictures. And I really liked it! I like some fantasy and, like I said, sci-fictions and kind of imaginable things. I'll like to recommend it to someone who likes to read fictions that has magic stuff. the resent book I have read was the Divergent. But I still did not get the story, though. You can think about reading this book if you like escaping stuff.

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