Red Pandas

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Red Pandas

Red Pandas are fluffy, bright, independent animals. They are relatives of the Giant Panda and raccoon. They baffled scientists, giving them their own unique family, the Ailuridae.

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What do they look like?

Red Pandas grow to be about the size of a typical housecat and their big, fluffy tails add 18 inches to their size. These bushy tails have dark rings and in the cold mountains, some Red Pandas use their tails as blankets.
baby red panda

Where do they live?

Red Pandas live in rainy, high altitude rainforests as well asthe mountians of Nepal and Northern Myanmar. They live in the trees and sleep aloft. They are active at night and in the little light hours of dawn and dusk. These deforestation victims are endangered and dwindling in numbers.

What do they like to eat?

Red Pandas eat a lot. They like bamboo but unlike their black and white relatives they will eat a variety of other foods. They like fruit, acorns, roots, and eggs.


Audio Recording on Wednesday afternoon by Studenteighteen
Red Panda Eating Berries