FDR Foreign Policies

Ryo Yoshida

Keep Americans Out of the War!!

  • Roosevelt will pass the Neutrality Acts, laws made to prevent the United States from being sucked into the turmoil of the war and to maintain neutrality
  • No American can sail on a belligerent ship, sell or make loans to a belligerent
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Destroyers for Bases

  • Send British Navy Destroyer ships in exchange for bases in Britain
  • It would not violate the Neutrality Act and will not leave the American public unhappy
  • Support for Britain but still maintain neutrality

US: The Supplier of Weapons

  • The Lend Lease Act allows the US to lend weapons to countries to help defend themselves from the Axis Powers
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Atlantic Charter: Promoting Peace for the Future

  • US's Roosevelt and Britain's Churchill pledged not to acquire new territory as a result of World War II and to promote peace after the war