Stop Bullying

By: Erika Madlambayan

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You’re so fake. You’re useless. You’re too skinny. You’re definitely anorexic. You’re incredibly annoying. You’re boring. You’re a waste of my time. You’re weak. Why are you even alive? Why are you so useless? How was I friends with you? Who could love you? Eww get away from me.

Worthless and Unwanted

Bullies wants the victim to feel unwanted and worthless. The words told to them become what they believe and it gets into their head. It makes them believe it's true and think that they don’t really belong here. They start to feel shameful and afraid of life and living.


The relationship between bullying and depression is not limited to face-to-face bullying. Victims of cyber bullying were more likely to suffer from low self esteem and suicidal thoughts.

A study by the US National Institutes of Health, found that victims of cyber bullying showed more signs of depression than other bullying victims. This may be because cyber bullying can be more relentless and more frightening or discouraging, especially if the bully is anonymous.

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Enough With The Taunting

Many people in the middle of all the bullying, end up feeling like they don’t belong in the world and they want to just die and end their life for all of the taunting and pain to stop. Since suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among young people. Over 14% of high school students have considered suicide and almost 7% have attempted it. There have been over 100 suicide attempts. Anything can happen to anyone, even someone your close to.
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More and more technology is being invented. The rate of people being cyber bullied will increase and the people being bullied offline will be bullied more when they are online. People will be bullied by "anonymous" people.
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You can do things as simple as telling someone to stop the taunting. You can spread the word and try to get people reenforce the rules and regulations. You need to speak up and not be a bystander.

Being aware and not speaking up is like encouraging the act. So just because you know how bad it is, doesn't mean that your another person stopping it, you might be the one person who knows and that's why it's still going on.


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