Ben Davis Life Skills will be ...

hosting a job fair on Wednesday, April 15th

The Job Fair will provide our students the opportunity to get hands on training as they prepare and participate in the activities. Students are learning what to do before, during, and after a job fair. Also, students are practicing how to make a GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION!

We would like to ask for your help as we prepare our students to participate during the job fair. Please help them DRESS FOR SUCCESS! Students need to have a professional appearance and dress professional on Wednesday, April 15th. Clothing should be washed and pressed. Students can wear khaki’s and a collared shirt. Also, students need to be clean, use deodorant, and be well-groomed. If you need any help with this, please call Ms. Eastridge at 317-988-7251.

Students are practicing how to have a good conversation with the job fair interviewer. They are rehearsing how to present themselves, and how to answer various questions.

The 4 S’s

· * Start with Eye contact

· * Share a smile

· * Speak enthusiastically

· * Stay connected

How to prepare for the job fair:

1) * Clarify goals and determine what they are looking for

2) * Have copies of their resume

3) * Practice answering questions about themselves

4) * Determine questions they can ask interviewers

5) * Look professional

6) * Great people with a smile

7) * Be Confident

8) * Show enthusiasm by asking pertinent questions (This will engage employer and leave them with a good impression.)

9) * Follow-up with employer (Taking initiative and shows you are motivated.)

Ben Davis Life Skills Job Fair

Wednesday, April 13th, 9-11:30pm

1200 North Girls School Road

Indianapolis, IN

More information re: location and student/staff assignments will be sent Monday.