Kara's Trip to Nashville

Summary Lead

Kara went up to Nashville for spring break. She went to a concert at the Grand Ole Opry when she was there.

On Friday April 1st Kara and her family drove up to Nashville for the weekend over spring break. When they were there they went to the Grand Ole Opry, a music stadium where they have concerts, that Friday night. As soon as they got there they went to the hotel they were staying at. Kara was in Nashville with her parents, her brothers, her sister and her friend. After they got settled into their hotel room they went straight to the Grand Ole Opry because of how late they got to Nashville.

When Kara got to the Grand Ole Opry they found their seats and soon the concert began. At the Grand Ole Opry they have different people that get on stage to sing, all of them country singers. The reason Kara and her family came was because they wanted to see Vince Gill perform, but there were many more people performing. Some other people that were singing were Craig Wayne Boyd, Aubrey Peeples, and the group Striking Matches. Kara thought everyone was amazing, “I didn’t know that Striking Matches was going to be there but I love their music!” Kara said after the concert to her family. Everyone else also liked them and everyone else that had sang. Before Kara left she went to the store they had inside and bought a Grand Ole Opry shirt for a souvenir of her trip to Nashville.