The Universe

The Christian Perspective

Why are we here?

People have different beliefs about the origins of the universe.

In Christianity, there are arguments of how we are made and how the universe is made in the whole. Some people believe in the ultimate reality.

  • Genesis 1:
  • Christians believe in the creation of earth. He separated light from darkness, he separated the sky and the sea, he made two lights for both day and night, he made the animals now living on planet earth, he made plants for the animals to feed on; then he made Adam and Eve.
  • Us humans are made in the image of god (imago dei). There are different arguments of the interpretations of the biblical story between the literal and liberal communities.
  • This also then teaches us about stewardship: the universe that God created has instrumental value, and us humans are created and we are the ones who are sacred. We are made to sustain the universe in which god has created for us, and we should appreciate what he has created, and treat with respect. It is our responsibility.
Genesis Creation of the world Chapter 1

Design Argument

People have different views on the existence of God and whether he has created the universe, or whether it is created by pure science