Leonardo da vinci

By Haley Rich

When was Leonardo born

Leonardo was born on April 15,1452. Leonardo da vinci was born in Vinci,Italy.Leonardo was born at the 3rd hour of the night.He was born outside of Vinci which lies high up on Mount Albano.

What he invented?

Leonardo was also and inventor and many more like he was an engineer. He love to invent things like the flying machine. Leonardo also invented the diving suit. Leonardo was a great inventor. He invented things that we use today in life.

What a great painter he was!

Leonardo Da Vinci became famous painter when he painted the Mona Lisa and The Last Summer.Leonardo Da Vinci was a great painter. Leonardo Da Vinci also painted the St.John the Baptist.

leonardo's death

before Leonardo died he made his last painting. His last painting was called The Last Supper. Leonardo died in 1519 in Amboise, France.After Leonardo died people did not know that he left behind his 6,000 journal pages of his jokes,grocery lists and his bawdy jokes. Leonardo lived a good happy life in Italy.
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