Are you in the pet market and looking for a pet to own, well perhaps if you get a German shepherd I think you should read this awesome book on the things you need to own one.

Personality traits

A GSD's personality traits are watchful, alerting, curious, obedient, Loyal, confident, courageous, and intelligent vary intellingent.

Dog charicteristics

The adult German shepherd weighs about 60-90 pounds. This Loyal dog is number one most protective dog in the world,but they can only be this number for only 9-13 years old. Adult German shepherds are about 24-26 inches tall.

What it eats

For a Heath and more active German shepherd the get 1,740 to 2,100 calories once each day. The best place to train your dog is in the kennel clube. It eats blue buffalo

The exercise habits

The exercise habits are play with it outside every day after school or after work. The best place to train your dog is in the kennel club.

German shepherd super parts

German shepherds have many super power parts pic is on the bottom.
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