by Olivia and Stephanie

Simple Facts

Mali came in about the 13th century

Location: Western Africa

Climate: Dry in Winter and rainy in Summer

Mali means "where the king dwells"

clothing :Men wore long tunics,women wore wraparound skirts,and younger girls wore a narrow tailiroed skirt with a cotton print shirt.


Religion : Islam

Agriculture : Cattle , sheep , goats , poultry

food : rice , millet , papaya , gourd cotton , peanuts

Money : They won money by passing to another empire and they would trade goods

Early life:Mali was one of the first tribes to use boats to transport.

Just a fact:Timbuktu=center of education


Summary:Mali was a great place who knew how to make money in an effective way.Mali haved many changes especially when the king Mansa Musa was around.Mali was more of an agriculture society and there goverment was usally kings