Enhancing Speed

Tymereyia Sloan


This article is for those out there who want to increase their speed, or those times. My article will inform you on what you can eat and drink to keep your body right for running, Also it will tell you different drills, and exercise you can do to up your speed.

The Starting Line

You should always find your BASELINE before you work on trying to increase your speed. When you're starting on your baseline: baseline is all about weighing yourself and measuring your body fat so that you can track your progress. Coach Mindy Solkin, Founder of The Running Center, in New York says "Seeing those improvements really helps get over the emotional hurdle when you may not otherwise notice results."http://goo.gl/0bsSds

Strength Booster

These two exercise are practiced by some of the best runners in the world. "They strengthen the key muscle groups needed for strong, fast, injury free running". Says Nick.

The Finger-Crusher

Lie down with your feet flat on the floor and place your hands underneath the small of your back, palms on the floor. Engage your abdominal and the press your lower back into the floor, crushing your fingers. Hold until you feel the BURN! Repeat 3-4 times to make it harder, lift one foot at a time a few inches off the floor.

The One-Leg Squat

Stand on one leg and squat as far as you can without your hips tilting or your knee turning in. This may be very shallow or further down, depending on your leg strength. Do two or three sets of 3-6 squats on each leg.


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Drills Are Important

Each of the drills highlights one or more parts of good running form and draws attention to them through repeating movement, which trains the body to become comfortable with that movement so it can be inserted into your typical running mechanics. These drills can serve as an energetic/Changing warm-ups (something commonly done) after ten minutes easy jog before your regularly scheduled run or workout, or they can be completed after a run to restore back (to a previous state) the idea of running with good form while tired out. http://goo.gl/uOXEF1
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Need A Boost!

Are you a runner and need a boost? Well here a few things you can drink and eat to give you that fuel you need to run. Let's start with some coffee. "Researchers shows that the (drug that gives you energy) in coffee can improve physical (ability to last through/tolerate bad times) and the ability to work hard for a longtime, making a long run or ride feel easier", Says Molly Kimball, R.D, Sports Food and Nutrition Experts with ochsner's Elmwood Fitness Center in New Orleans. Not a FAN! of coffee try iced or hot green tea or yeah or a non-sugar smoothie of course... Works toohttp://goo.gl/HQmqly