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Green Smoke My New Vaping Secret

Hi, I have found that reading people’s stories or reviews are helpful so here is mine hope it helps anyone else. I started smoking when I was of 13 year and now I am a 29 year old woman. I smoked for 16 years of my life. Earlier I used to smoke cigarettes and weed casually but was not addicted to them until I went to university. The massive stress of working plus my university course forced me towards the addiction of this habit. As I result I started smoking regularly to help me focus more on my studies and to burn the work stress. This was the biggest mistake of my life.

Since then these tobacco cigarette controlled my life. I got so much into these that I did not even realize that they were killing me from inside. When I visited my parent’s home in Austin during winter vacation my mom yelled at me like anything and scolded me. She was not happy the way I looked and even smell as regular use of tobacco cigarette cause a nasty smell. While I was there she used to tell me not to smoke as it was not good for me and bla-bla thing. Two days after returning from home I reactive a parcel with my name written on it. The parcel comprises of Pro Starter kit of green smoke electronic cigarette plus two Green Smokes disposable. My mother has sent them to me to help me to switch to a smoke free life. I got tears into my eyes seeing the love and affection of her.

I sated using this best electronic cigarette brand and was really happy and so was my mom as now I lived a smoke free life. I really want to thanks my mom and Green Smoke for changing my life thanks u both…J