Annual Day Celebration

Noor-ul-Ilm invites you!

In commemoration of the successful completion of the 2012-2013 academic year, we have prepared an Annual Day Ceremony on the final working day of the year.

Featuring a Parental Workshop by Brother Dawood Vaid, an educationalist from Bombay!

Visit their official page at


11-11:05am - Welcome Speech

11:05-11:10am - Qiraat

11:10-11:55am - Brother Dawood's Presentation & Workshop

11:55am-12:35pm - Class Performances

12:35-1:15pm - Prize Distribution

Classes will also have a display of all the activity works done throughout the year, for the parents to see.

Saturday, Jun 22nd, 11am

The Oxford School Auditorium - Muhaisnah 4 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates