No Teacher Left Behind

Discussion Week 4

No Teacher Left Behind

To ensure teachers are not left behind their should be standard trainings the teachers must attend yearly or every quarter to talk about new standards and techniques that can be used in the classroom to improve students learning and, the classroom environment.


All teachers across the country should use certain practices. In early childhood all programs must follow the developmentally appropriate practices for the age group they work with. All teachers should have the same standards according to the grade level they teach. Some of the standards should include

  • Teacher should practice professionalism in and out the classroom at all times.
  • Teachers should prepare lessons and activities for all learners according to standards.
  • Teachers should communicate with families about students progress in the classroom.
  • Teachers should assess students monthly to monitor the progress of the students learning and the classroom environment.

Preparation of Teachers

I think schools are preparing teachers the best way they can by allowing teachers to continue their education. Also, by providing teachers with the opportunity to attend conferences and trainings.