Homelessness an Epidemic

Brody Hackbarth


Homelessness is a tragedy that can happen to anyone. There are many reasons someone, a group of people, or even a family can become homeless. Some of these include injuries or other health issues, neglect, and unfortunately sometimes the abuse of drugs and alcohol. One thing that is the same with all homeless is that they all wish for better lives. There is a handful of homeless people who were interviewed with "Invisible People," here is some information about them.

What can the government do?

I think the government can put a little more effort towards creating programs where the homeless can work small jobs around cities. They could do things like pick up trash, wash graffiti, or just clean things. I know if I were homeless I would probably do lots of things to earn money and get my life back on track.

What can the homeless do?

Unfortunately I believe the bulk of homelessness is caused by the abuse of drugs and alcohol. I think one thing that they can do is get help from someone and quit that nasty stuff. For the ones who had no control over their homelessness, they should try and find a shelter or a program where they can take showers and get a job.

What can we the communities do?

I think the best thing we can do is just give them our support. Weather that's tossing some money in their hat on the street, or creating or donating to a program where the homeless are given a place to stay. Just let them know they are cared about and everything will be ok.