Hurricane Andrew

By:Kiya Massery

Hurricane Andrew caused $25 billion in damage! Hurricane Andrew was one of the biggest hurricanes in America. Wanna find out more about the treacherous H.A (Hurricane Andrew)? If so i’m your author.

Andrew’s Arrival

The journey begins in August 1992. Wind blew like antarctic wind. (Andrew was so immense it looked like Neptune was rising.) South Florida was in for a big surprise. So many people were doomed. People thought H.A was ok,but it got worse.

Andrew’s Damage

Andrew was as deadly as an angry Dragon. Andrew caused next to thirty four billion dollars! Did you know that seventy thousand acres were destroyed? Hurricane Andrew destroyed nearly 25 miles wide.

Catastrophic Weather

Another thing H.A spond twenty eight tornado’s. H.A also made meteorologist tell people that they had to leave South Florida so they could not be caught in the storm. H.A killed fifteen people in miami. A woman had to go to the hospital, and the police said she could not go. A twenty-year-old got hit by H.A

Mayans Belife’s

You won’t believe this! Mayans believed when a hurricane came that meant a evil god named Hurricane was angry he would bring a hurricane.

Time To Change The Law

Since H.A the government learned that they needed to have a better building code. Don’t put too much faith in the government. They betrayed us! H.A almost hit Burger King Headquarters! South Florida will never be the same again.

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