Mrs. Rivera's Rockets

November Newsletter

This week in class we will be learning the following:


This week we will be learning about rhyming words. We will be singing, reading poems, and reading books that rhyme. By the end of the week our class will know that words that have the same ending sounds are rhyming words.

What you can do at home: Talk about rhyming words like hat and cat or man and can.

I also encourage you to read to your child every night for at least fifteen minutes.


We will be learning and identifying the number 5. We will be using 5 fingers to draw our turkeys as seen in the picture above.

What you can do at home: Find and count objects up to number 5.


We will be studying the life cycle of a turkey. We will see the turkey starting from an egg, to a baby, to an adult.

Social Studies:

We will be studying about seasonal changes. We will learn and recognize the fall season.

What you can do at home: Look at different leaves, and talk about the difference in the weather.

Last month:

I want to thank everybody for a successful Halloween party. Thank you for volunteering and buying treats for the party. I enjoyed seeing the parents and students in their costumes. Thank you for being involved and supportive! Now that our costumes have been put away we will be focusing on sharing and giving thanks.

Up coming events:

On November 22nd we will be having our Fall Festival. Please plan to join us for this special event. I will be sending more information home in the following weeks.

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